Cleaning Tips

hardwood floors

hardwood floors and me

What I use to give my Hardwood Floors that Natural Wood Glow: I use a Clean Cloth Mop, Clean Warm Water and Hollywood Floor Cleaner. Clients Love the End Result



When I am cleaning my Blinds, I use Method All Purpose Cleaner (Target), a pair of cooking tongs, 2 small clean cloths or paper towel and 2 rubber bands. I wrap the cloths around each clap of the tong and secure it with the rubber bands. Once secured spray Method All Purpose Cleaner and use the tongs to clamp down on the blind and start wiping across the blinds until they are clean.

hardwood floors

Hardwood Floors and Pet Stains

Make a wet paste of baking soda and white vinegar. Apply liberally to the stain and let it stand until it's completely dry. Wipe up. Soak a clean cloth with hydrogen peroxide - the 3 percent solution you get at the drug store - and lay it on the stain. Allow it to soak up for a few seconds and BAM the stain is gone. " per Westchester magazine"